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Trans-Consciousness Therapies

Trans-Consciousness Therapies address the relationship of energy systems to
cognition, emotions, behavior and health. Trans-Consciousness Therapies blend contemporary psychology, ancient healing traditions and understanding of quantum
fields to assist in reestablishing balance and harmony across and throughout all systems.

Alchemy is the process of rebalancing consciousness
into wholeness.
A process of transmutation, of returning
to one’s true nature.  The process of extracting the divine,
the sacred from the ordinary and even from that which
"appears” as painful.  Through Alchemy we may live
and experience the immaculate concept of all
that has been or will be.

Human Consciousness / Human Ego

(conscious and sub-conscious mind)

Through utilizing various Alchemical Processes, clients discover their distorted and incoherent beliefs that
cloak the expression of their unique Soul Blueprint -- and ultimately the experience of Perfection in their
lives – and return these vibrational patterns into their coherency.

Clients begin to re-establish the balance of their masculine and feminine energies within their system at the level of consciousness
which impact their day to day experiences of self, their world, and physiology. By rebalancing the energies at this level of
consciousness in combination with techniques which promote collaborative functioning of the right and left brain
hemispheres, parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems, the whole system is messaged to function as intended.

 Divine Consciousness / Divine Ego

As the process deepens, clients begin to access their higher levels of consciousness, unity consciousness, which I refer
to as Divine Consciousness and the “I AM”. By bringing awareness to this level of consciousness, it is possible
to create Self and Life expressions and experiences in alignment with True Self or Divine Blueprint.

Sacred Consciousness

Trans-Consciousness Therapies also introduces the aspect of Sacred Consciousness, Oneness, the scalar level, which
we also have access to and can begin to transform consciousness at the level of origination or zero point.

Trans-Consciousness Therapies provide a variety of innovative and client specific alchemical processes. Each person
develops aspects / dynamics in their consciousness during a “specific” developmental process we all follow.
Trans-Consciousness Therapies tailor to the specificity of each child, adult or couple seeking assistance.

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