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From The Alchemy of Conscious Living:
 Healing the Mind, Empowering Spirit Classes

Dana took the “airy-fairy” out of Chakras and makes it practical for everyday use.  I’ve
learned more about myself in this process, and the group helps each other customize
practical solutions to dealing with your individual issues.  -EGK, Stockbroker

Life Changing!  -Laura Hembree

 This series of classes has given me the necessary tools to transmute the negative beliefs
about myself.  It has taught me how to truly love myself, my life, and others.  -Krazy K

These classes have changed my life.  I have been able to be in touch with myself and all
the areas that needed healing, even the ones I didn’t know about!
I have also
opened up my life to a much greater potential of Joy and Happiness to be
loved and to be loving to others.  -Erica

 From the Initiations: Awakening to the Source Within

“I am eternally grateful for Dana’s expert guidance on my personal journey to discover
my Soul’s purpose and to seek to “Be” from that level of awareness; to become fully
engaged in life; to understand the growth gained through our earthy experiences.

In essence, to live from the inside – out.”  - Betsy :) 

From Sacred Relationships

“Dana has helped remind me of my tools inherently present, within my marriage to my
  She gives context to the necessary rites of passage to be recognized and
transversed to be successful in helping our relationship grow and truly be of
service to others.
- Benjamin Adam Smith


Comments on lectures and/or presentations

1. The next thing that happened was Dana How’s presentation of alchemy. Her presence was very positive
and she was very in the moment with us. She was very genuine and authentic. I felt that the energy
that she brought in the room was very inviting and you could feel her presence.

2. Dana was so captivating. I was completely drawn in by her lecture. Not only was the information interesting and
thought provoking, but her presence and being was inspirational. She was genuine and authentic and radiated life.

3. Dana How also left a mark on my brain. Her energy almost entered the room before her body did. As she launched
into her presentation, I felt as if I had to raise my own heart rate just to keep up with her. As she explained her
approach to healing and therapy, she kept saying, "Are you with me? Does that make sense?" and each
time she asked, a little part of me wanted to tell her that while I was on board, and I was trying to
make sense of it, I just wasn’t getting my head completely around the concepts.

4. When Dana spoke to us, she provided a lot of information, and I wanted to absorb it all like a sponge. At first
I thought "a little out there," while at the same time I has a sense of great respect for what she was
saying because it made perfect sense,; she made perfect sense out of abstract ideas.

5. Dana then came in to talk about "conscious living" and she was amazing. She was a flurry of thoughts and words, yet
it all made perfect sense. "Everything you think you know is a limitation". That simple sentence just really moved me, and
its powerfulness has be still pondering over it. Her aura was so positive, loving, and one that you wanted to be connected
with. She was sweet, used humor, yet spoke of significant things – a very effective learning combination. The concept of
our soul energies as infinities and our different states of consciousness as well as the relationship with others was just
provoking and so cutting-edge yet perfectly commonsensical. The other amazing thing I got from this presentation was the
concept of our life going in cycles of seven. When I wrote out my life cycles, it's TRUE – I had significant
changes around the seven year mark – I suppose that's why they have coined the term "seven year itch"
perhaps? I hope to talk to her again someday in the future as she has her Ed.S. in School Psychology,
which I may pursue as well, and I'd love to know how she integrated what she did in the
schools (although I realize she did a lot of them "through the back door".

6. The knowledge and energy Dana came to share with us today was precious. Like I mentioned earlier in class the skills
she has learned to use with her clients as a counselor, she had clearly practiced them herself. Dana is a great role
model for any counseling students who are looking to add integrative therapies to traditional counseling

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