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Trans-Consciousness Therapies offers individual, dyad and family sessions in effort to support Conscious Parenting and develop Conscious Children. Dana also provides workshops for parents as well as programs for children individually and in group sessions. Dana utilizes her training and experience as a School Psychologist to support the full range of challenges for the child, parent and educational system. Children are very evolved in their consciousness and much more balanced in their functioning. These “Full-Spectrum” children provide many challenges as they will not conform to a “left brain” functioning world. They require differing parental styles and expansion in their educational support and opportunities. As adolescents, they need more understanding of who they are and what they can accomplish and sometimes appear unmotivated and lost in the world they live in. Increasing the child’s awareness of Self and assisting parents to better understand their children, and themselves as parents, can facilitate happy, fulfilling and harmonious families!

 “Advancing the Avatars”

Dana How has been working with children, adolescents and adults for 35 years who might be described as experiencing
Sensory Integration issues, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorders, Tourettes Syndrome, OCD, or Aspergers etc.
however, she understands them to be “Avatars”
who have different brain functioning, consciousness, and patterns of processing both internal and external stimuli!

Avatars are Master Alchemists, who work in alignment with consciousness, the planets, and the rhythms of nature
and understand how everything is connected. 
Our consciousness is evolving towards this “Avatar State”
The frequencies of our Heart are accelerating, and the functioning of our Brain is changing
as we move into a balanced Whole-Brain functioning..into an “Avatar State”

Dana works individually with these "New Children and Adolescents" and also facilitates numerous groups ,
 as well as providing Adult groups and workshops.

Dana How will be presenting a full day pre-conference session on
May 30th, 2013 at the
15th Annual International Energy Psychology Conference entitled
“Heart-Brain Connection: Advancing the Avatars”
please go to and click on 
registration now open
for more information on this cutting edge conference and Dana's pre-conference workshop!

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