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Healing the Mind, Empowering Spirit


In Healing the Mind, Empowering Spirit, you will begin to consciously
integrate the soul and the personality so you can live a happy,
conscious life where the personality works in alignment with
the soul. During the workshops participants will learn:

How you designed your Unique Soul Blueprint.

The development of the subconscious mind (conception through age 6).
Why you designed your Unique Soul Blueprint the way you did (why YOU are here).
Your unique 5 core Soul Attributes and how they are designed to serve you.
How the spirit /soul/mind /personality work together

and how the ego actually works for you.
How your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions, and responses
work together to create your experiences and
how to utilize these creative resources to manifest the experiences you desire!
And how everything in your life is an integral part of your life mission;
designed to help you achieve your life purpose; and something to be embraced!!!
How to return to who YOU really are utilizing the powerful process of ALCHEMY.
This unique and innovative Alchemy Process enables participants to discover their distorted and incoherent
beliefs that cloak the expression of their unique Soul Blueprint -- and ultimately the experience of
Perfection in their lives -- and how to return these
vibrational patterns into their coherency.

Learn to live Consciously by Healing the Mind and Empowering Spirit

Each of the seven energy centers (Chakras) are addressed, one per module. Participants will
learn to evaluate, support and correct the flow of energy related to the

Soul Blueprint: Intrinsic Needs, Elements, Consciousness and unique Attributes
and they will be introduced to the Divine Blueprint: Qualities of Perfection,
Divine Emotions and Being States.

Join us at Trans-Consciousness Therapies for a transformational year!

A $50.00 deposit is required to ensure your space and will be applied to January's tuition.
This is a closed group of no more than 20 participants.
For more information call Dana How at 757-496-5649

  Seven Weekend Classes
Will not be offered in 2013

Chakra 1  
Chakra 2  
Chakra 3  
Chakra 4  
Chakra 5  
Chakra 6  
Chakra 7  

$225.00 per weekend module

All Classes will meet on Saturdays from 12:30 p.m. until 6:30 p.m.

and Sundays from 9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.

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